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This Week in DAOs: Interoperability, Constitutions for Web3, and Proposal Fatigue

Episode Summary

Welcome to DAO or Never, the podcast that teaches you everything you need to know about the rapidly changing world of web3 and DAOs. We’re back this week with the latest DAO news. Despite many DAOists being occupied at in-person events, DAO news and developments don’t sleep. Tune in to learn more.

Episode Notes

In this week’s episode of DAO or Never, we discuss how agreed-upon industry standards are essential - even between competitors - if DAOs are going to succeed; how the Protocol Guild - Moloch DAO proposal differs from historical proposals in structure and philosphy; new web3 projects, tools, and initiatives; and more! 

Let’s dive in!


Key Takeaways:

The Protocol Guild - Moloch DAO proposal explained (2:15)

Options for addressing proposal fatigue (03:40)

A DAO-native blogging platform is born (05:10)

Challenges facing the ‘open metaverse’ (06:42)

The constitutions (values and standards) of web3 (13:26)


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