DAO or Never

This Week in DAOs: DAOs vs. Investors, DAO Growth, Transparent Payroll, and Filmmaking as a DAO

Episode Summary

Welcome to DAO or Never, the podcast that teaches you everything you need to know about the rapidly changing world of web3 and DAOs. We’re back this week with the latest DAO news! Tune in to learn more.

Episode Notes

In this week’s episode of DAO or Never, we’ll be talking about DAO growth and what’s behind those numbers; Merit Circle DAO kicking out YGG, one of their investors; whether DAO votes or contract agreements should prevail; the DAO Palace film campaign; the future of building a company structured as a DAO, and more.


Let’s dive in!


Key Takeaways:

The increasing growth and activity in DAOs (01:18)

The importance or unimportance of proposal velocity (04:59)

Merit Circle DAO vs YGG (07:33)

A DAO crowdfunding a DAO to film a DAO Palace event (11:11)

The future of building a company in the DAO space (12:21)


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