DAO or Never

Creator Economies and Celebrating Community with MetaFactory

Episode Summary

Welcome to DAO or Never, the podcast that takes you on a deep dive into the world of DAOs. Today we're joined by Drew Harding and DAOFREN, robots at MetaFactory. We discuss MetaFactory, how to empower a creator economy, and obviously, why they are called robots.

Episode Notes

Drew Harding is a founding member of MetaFactory, and has been a MetaCartel member since before it was a DAO. DAOFREN serves as a utility bot at MetaFactory, contributing to community and operations. They share the MetaFactory origin story; discuss opportunities and hurdles on the IRL / web3 bridge; and explore how fashion celebrates communities and empowers creator economies.


Key Takeaways:

‘Take ya back’ to MetaFactory’s origins (01:07)
Ragequitting tradition (09:40)
Scarcity breeds community (10:38)
MetaFactory as a web3 onboarding mechanism (13:14)\
Bridging VR and web3 (15:42)\
Understanding the webaverse (17:14)
The utility of MetaFactory wearables (19:54)
Bridging worlds and solving problems in fashion (21:28)
Paradigm shifts and the Activision analogy (24:18)
Missed narratives (29:28)


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