DAO or Never

Community Owned Products and Decentralization as a Defense Mechanism with Sky Minert, DXdao

Episode Summary

Welcome to DAO or Never, the podcast that takes you on a deep dive into the world of DAOs. Today we're joined by Sky Minert, a full-time DAOist passionate about building DAO-to-DAO relationships and supporting projects that are building what DAOs need to function in a truly decentralized manner.

Episode Notes

Sky Minert is a full time DAOist working with MetaCartel, DXdao, DAOhaus, DiamondDAO, Logos DAO, and more.

Sky tells us the ins and outs of contributing to DAOs and DAO governance. He also explains why decentralization is so important to protect DAOs, and their products, from both malicious attacks and censorship. Ready? Let's dive in!

Key Takeaways:
Being a full-time DAOist (01:01)
DXdao's origin story (04:45)
Understanding holographic consensus (07:55)
Addressing inattention and noise in the DAO space (11:45)
Passing proposals (14:35)
When to delegate (18:30)
Decentralization as a defense mechanism (26:33)
Sturdy governance (30:15)
Upcoming IRL DAO-space highlights (36:20)

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