DAO or Never

Collective Creation of Music NFTs - Camp Chaos With Matthew Chaim, Mark Redito, Creators of Songcamp

Episode Summary

Can DAOs transform the music world? You’re about to find out.

Episode Notes

Can DAOs transform the music world? You’re about to find out.

Welcome to DAO Or Never, the podcast that will help you learn everything you need to know about the ever-changing world of DAOs.

In this week’s episode, we will be interviewing Mark Redito and Matthew Chaim, the creators of Songcamp.

Mark is an artist, a gardener, and a technologist, and Matthew is a Montreal-based musician and artist.

Both men have a passion for art, music, and technology, and that translates in their music NFT, Songcamp.

Most recently, they have also launched something new and exciting: Camp Chaos. 

One-half songwriting camp, one-half web3 hackathon, Camp Chaos is an 8-week experiment at the edges of music and the new internet, and this is exactly what they’re here to discuss today (plus a few more fun subjects).

Ready to learn more?

Tune in now.


Key Takeaways:

The creation of Songcamp (01:43)

The goals of Songcamp (07:08)

From Genesis to Elektra to Chaos (10:39)

The mediums used in Camp Chaos (17:20)

About Coordinate (26:25)

All about music DAOs (31:54)

The future of DAOs (37:07)

The main takeaway (40:33)


Additional Resources:

More about Songcamp here.

More about Camp Chaos here.

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