DAO or Never

Collective Accountability and Lucid Dreaming with Gabriel Tumlos of Mochi

Episode Summary

Welcome to DAO or Never, the podcast that takes you on a deep dive into the world of DAOs. Today we're speaking with Gabriel Tumlos, Founder of Mochi. Together, we discuss collective accountability and growth, and how Mochi is a coordination game, not a DAO tool. As an extra treat, we explore how lucid dreams are relevant to coordination.

Episode Notes

Gabriel Tumlos, Founder of Mochi, is an early contributor to the Ethereum ecosystem, and played essential roles at ConsenSys, Gnosis, Ujo Music, and the Decentralized Music Society. Prior to that, he led the first blockchain research initiative at KPMG. 

Key Takeaways:
The best party at DevCon (01:12)
Tooling or a coordination game (01:50)
Sticking together for shared goals (03:47)
A vision for how DAOs should be (9:38)
Cyborg Camp (11:49)
Role playing in an alternate universe (16:40)
More on LARPing with Ruth Catlow and Black Swan (18:19)
Lucid dreams: the proper metaverse (20:20)
Visualizing Lucid Dreams with Midjourney (23:24)
Web3 loves the moon (29:12)
Inspired by The Three Body Problem (30:14)
Non-euclidean metaverse and Escherian worlds (31:20)
Creating a bidding war with villain dynamics (37:16)
Letting communities die elegantly (38:52)
Join the Dream Oscillator Cohort (41:32)

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